Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About DK.

DK stands for Dialokora-Keleya. Dialokoro-Keleya are two different villages and they share the same school.

The two villages are very different and don't always get along, but they have put aside their differences for the school and education.

The school has about 300 students from grades 1st to 6th.

These are some of our classmates (3rd grade). The little girl on the left is albino. That means she is born where her skin and hair have very little color in them, but other than that she is the same like us.

These are some of the villagers, and teachers in the education committee. Our principal is the man all the way to the right on the first row. He is wearing a shirt made of Mud Cloth. Mud Cloth is fabric that is dyed with mud and dried.

They are also standing on a pile of grave that our village has gathered to help make our new school building.

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