Friday, January 15, 2010

Our School.

This is the outside view of our school. We have large windows in each classroom to let in light because we don't have electric lights.

This is an inside view of our classroom. We sit at large wooden desks that we share with other students. Our walls are also an turquoise color. What color are you classroom walls?

We have a flagpole in the front of our school. Our country's flag colors are red, green and yellow. Do you have a flagpole at your school? What colors are in our flag?

This is the our other school building that we have. This is where the older grade levels meet.

We have 3 teachers at our school named Korotoumou Dembele, Sidy Kiabou and Amadou Foumba. This is a picture of one of them.

This is us all lined up for our assembly with our American friends.

Thanks for taking a look around our school.

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