Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our School.

This is our chalkboard that we use each day. You can see the alphabet on the right side of the board. What is on your board in your classroom.

Unfortunately one of our classroom has a crack in the wall and will no longer be in use in a few years. We need to replace it before the rainy season comes and causes more damage. We replace our buildings by collecting materials and donations from non profit organizations.

This is picture of another one of our classrooms. Our walls are a bight blue and we have about 5 windows for light because we don't have electricity. About 4 students sit in each desk.

This is a picture of our principal (right) and Djeba, who works for the alliance in the education department.

This is the outside of our school. We have 3 buildings with 2 classrooms in each. Can you see our flagpole?

We have a map of Africa painted on the side of our building.

Do you know where Mali is? (Hint: it is dark green)

We even have a map of North America.

This is our battery powered clock that helps us to tell time.

Thanks for looking around our school.

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